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What does Contractinbox do?

Contractinbox is a B2B deal-finder portal for international deals, paperwork and service leads.

How does Contractinbox work?

You can post deals, propose services, showcase portfolios and connect ePaperwork. Prospects can search, source, compare and close faster.

How do you propose your deals, services or paperwork?

It's easy, you can post proposals and custom ads through the member dashboard. You simply connect your own links redirecting users and prospects to you, e.g.: your URL, site, cloud, terms, forms or eContracts. You can also showcase your portfolios using multimedia features.

What type of deals, services or paperwork is this suitable for?

Contractinbox is suitable for international business and commercial proposals, e.g.: leasing, chartering, licensing, franchising, purchasing, selling, transferring, sponsoring, partnering, joint-venturing, peer to peer, investing, divesting, structuring, financing, outsourcing, distributing, service contracting or deal structure innovations.

What advantages are there in using us to propose deals?

We connect you globally and enable your access to prospects in foreign markets, generate leads, simplify business deal-making, so you can close in less time.  We do not enter into 3-way deals with you. 

What feature benefits are available?

Multimedia marketing features are available to members who list on us including.: reviews, visitor stats, message links and HTML editor. Check out the pricing menu to see the brilliant features you get on your dashboard. You don't even need your own website since your feature pages are navigated like a mini-site. Premium members have exclusive areas and more sophisticated features.

Do you need to download an app?

No need to download an app as we're mobile responsive too. You can do business on the go in just a few clicks!

How do you search for deals, services or paperwork?

Simply select your relevant filter options, e.g.: keywords, category, speciality, location or price. You can also do deep searches or do it by language.

What advantages are there in using us to search? 

Our advanced search tools allow you to target, preview, filter, pin, review and compare business proposals or deal terms in advance. We can also give a hand to find what you need through our lead-match form.

How does lead-matching work?

Reach out anytime by simply filling in a few questions on the 
lead-match form and we can help match your query. If you are only sourcing, it's complimentary. Just drop us a line and tell us what you want to do or what you're looking for.

What's the price and how do you use it?

The best way to use us is to join as a member and create your custom listing.
 Signup free for basic features or choose a premium member annual plan if you prefer full access to privileged features for prospect marketing globally. Check out the pricing menu to view current options. We don't take a deal-cut or commission and premium members don't pay for leads either.